Having Your Business's Parking Lot Paved

Having Your Business's Parking Lot Paved

Having Your Business's Parking Lot Paved

4 April 2022
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The parking lot for your business can be an important part of the property. However, it is a reality that business leaders will often not be prepared for the types of issues that they will need to anticipate when having their parking area paved.

Ice Management Solutions

Keeping the parking lot for your business a safe area for customers to use will require minimizing the risk of individuals slipping and falling when the pavement is slick. During the winter months, ice accumulations can pose a significant safety threat. It can contribute to individuals slipping and falling when they are walking across it, and it may even increase the risk of auto accidents occurring. If you are in an area where ice and snow can be regular occurrences, it can be worth an effort to utilize snow and ice mitigation systems. Often, this will involve installing heating systems into the pavement that can melt the ice and snow that is forming.

Speed Bump Placement

Keeping drivers moving at a slow speed through the parking lot can be critical for keeping the risk of accidents occurring low. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to ensure that drivers are moving at a responsible speed through the parking area. An effective step for keeping drivers moving slow can be the installation of speed bumps. These components will be built into the pavement so that they can be a durable feature that will be able to slow vehicles moving through the parking lot for many years. For the best results, the speedbumps will need to be positioned throughout the entire parking lot so that there will not be enough space for vehicles to accelerate to a high speed before they have to slow again.

Line Marking

The parking lot will need to have a number of lines painted throughout so that the flow of traffic can be directed, pedestrian crossings marked and parking spots outlined. While these line markings can be an important feature of your parking lot, they will have to wait to be applied until after the asphalt has fully hardened and cooled. Otherwise, the paint may not properly bond to the asphalt, and this could lead to it peeling relatively soon after being applied. Fortunately, many commercial parking lot paving services also provide line marking. In addition to sparing you the costs and hassles of hiring another contractor for this work, these services can also ensure that the lines are only painted once the asphalt is ready.

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