Is It Time To Reseal Your Parking Lot? Knowing When To Call A Commercial Paving Contractor

Is It Time To Reseal Your Parking Lot? Knowing When To Call A Commercial Paving Contractor

Is It Time To Reseal Your Parking Lot? Knowing When To Call A Commercial Paving Contractor

20 April 2022
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Over time all asphalt parking lots will need to be resealed. Knowing when it is time to call on a commercial paving contractor to complete this job will play an important role in preventing your parking lot from suffering significant damage. Thankfully, there are a few common warning signs that can alert you to the need for commercial asphalt paving contractors to reseal your parking lot. 

Faded Color

Over time all asphalt parking lots will begin to fade from their original deep black color to a much lighter shade of gray. While many people assume that this issue is simply a cosmetic problem, the fact is that the fading color of your asphalt can actually be a good indication that it is time to have your parking lot resealed. This is because as the protective coating of your asphalt begins to wear away over time, the underlying surface will be far more susceptible to UV damage. The result of this damage is the parking lot taking on a much lighter color. The most effective way to prevent this type of damage is to have your asphalt resealed as soon as you notice its color beginning to fade. 

Alligator Cracks

All asphalt surfaces are susceptible to cracks and potholes as a result of exposure to extreme temperatures and moisture over time. In most cases, these cracks and potholes can simply be filled in using an asphalt filler. However, this is not the case when dealing with a specific type of crack known as an alligator crack. Alligator cracks are given their name because the pattern they create closely resembles the skin of an alligator. These types of cracks appear only when the top layer of the asphalt has worn thin. Consequently, if you spot alligator cracks in your parking lot, you can be sure that it is time to have your asphalt resealed. 

Moisture Is Not Draining

One of the most important roles that an asphalt seal plays is to help ensure different types of liquid are not allowed to soak into the underlying surface. This includes things like rain water, motor oil and gasoline. If the seal on your asphalt has begun to wear away, you will find that moisture is no longer running off your parking lot where it can be safely drained away. Instead you may notice dark stains as a result of where motor oil has leaked from parked vehicles. You may also notice large puddles of standing water after it rains. 

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