Asphalt Paving Myths You Should Unlearn

Asphalt Paving Myths You Should Unlearn

Asphalt Paving Myths You Should Unlearn

13 May 2022
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Despite the fact that asphalt is one of two main material options available for pavements — the other material being concrete — many people still struggle to see the difference between fact and myth.

If you are considering an asphalt project to meet your residential or commercial paving needs, you can make a better-informed investment decision by debunking common myths about asphalt paving. Here are some common asphalt pavement myths to unlearn.

Asphalt Pavement Doesn't Last Long

Nothing beats the durability of concrete pavement structures, but this does not mean that asphalt cannot be used to build durable pavement.

If installed properly and maintained regularly, asphalt pavement can last up to 20 years (nearly half the life of concrete), depending on the local climate and the amount of usage it receives. The durability of asphalt makes it a cost-effective choice for people and businesses that cannot afford the upfront cost of concrete pavement.

Asphalt Is Only Available In One Color Option

While asphalt is typically black in color, black is not the only color it comes in. These days, the asphalt can be made to come in the exact color you want so you can give your pavement a truly personalized look. Adding color to asphalt pavement not only increases the curb appeal of your property but boosts its resale value too.

There are different methods of coloring asphalt, including:

  • Adding dry color pigment to hot asphalt mix
  • Applying a coating system to asphalt surfaces

Each coloring method has unique pros and cons and may provide different results depending on the existing circumstances.

Asphalt Is Bad For The Environment

There's no denying the fact that asphalt manufacturing uses a considerable amount of water, energy, and other natural resources, contributes to carbon emissions due to human activities, and can damage the landscape.

However, in modern times, significant strides have been made in reducing the overall impact of asphalt construction.

Today, existing asphalt structures can be fully recycled when they reach the end of their service life. Asphalt recycling helps lower the demand for new asphalt material, thus minimizing the disruption of ecological balance.

Plus, the asphalt industry is and continues to be highly regulated to ensure the environmental impact of asphalt is kept as low as possible.

Want to learn more about asphalt? Separating fact from myth is essential to making the right decisions regarding asphalt projects. Contact the specialists at a local asphalt company to have your specific questions and concerns addressed. For more information, contact a company like Super Seal, Inc.

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