3 Commercial Parking Lot Considerations When Your Old Lot Needs To Be Resurfaced

3 Commercial Parking Lot Considerations When Your Old Lot Needs To Be Resurfaced

3 Commercial Parking Lot Considerations When Your Old Lot Needs To Be Resurfaced

17 May 2022
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Commercial parking lot paving is a job that has to be done occasionally, but it's one you may put off. The thought of closing down part of your lot and managing parking may be unpleasant, but your contractor might help you come up with solutions that won't inconvenience your customers too much. Here are some other things you may want to discuss with your commercial parking lot paving contractor.

1. The Type Of Work Your Lot Needs

Your parking lot may need a new layer of asphalt on it to restore its appearance. Your contractor has to consider how much damage the old asphalt has and whether the base under the asphalt is still in good shape. In some cases, the contractor might need to bust up the old asphalt and remove it so the base can be repaired.

If a new layer of asphalt can be installed, the contractor decides if it is necessary to mill the old lot first. This involves removing a small part of the asphalt to grind out damage and to allow the hot asphalt to stick better. Plus, they need to decide how thick the new layer of asphalt should be.

In addition, the contractor has to think about adding a sealcoat and stripes for the finishing touches. A sealcoat protects the asphalt from early aging and the stripes organize parking to maximize the number of cars your lot can hold.

2. The Length Of Time The Project Takes

You'll probably want the work finished as quickly as possible if you don't have any overflow parking available. However, it may be best to stretch the work out by doing a small section at a time so there are plenty of places to park while the work is going on. In addition to an area being closed while the new asphalt is put down, the area has to stay closed long enough to allow the asphalt to dry out.

3. The Steps For Maintaining Results

You may want to discuss a maintenance plan with the asphalt paving contractor so you get the longest life from the asphalt. If you keep up with filling cracks and holes, water stays out of the base so the structure of the lot lasts longer too. You'll also need a sealcoat applied when the old one wears off, and you'll want to have stripes put down when old ones fade to stay in compliance with ADA laws.

By repairing damaged areas of the lot and maintaining the rich dark color of the surface, your parking lot will reflect well on your business when customers pull in to park. Plus, you'll lower your risk of liability due to trip and fall incidents caused by cracks and potholes.

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