Things to Look for in a Patio Paver Installation Company

Things to Look for in a Patio Paver Installation Company

Things to Look for in a Patio Paver Installation Company

17 August 2022
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Creating a lovely patio for enjoying time outside can start with pavers. You can create almost any design you can dream up by using different colored and shaped pavers. If you are not sure of exactly what you want, contact a company that provides patio paver design services. They can show you different ideas and then ask questions about your vision to help you create just what you are looking for. Once the design is decided, you will need to start the installation process. Here are a few tips to ensure your patio stays safe and beautiful for a long time.


Instead of trying to press the pavers into the ground individually, excavate the whole area. It would be a good idea to go down deeper than the pavers and put down a layer of gravel. The gravel will allow rain to drain easily instead of soaking into the soil and making it mushy so the pavers can slide around. The more secure the foundation, the better the pavers will stay in place. 

Weed Mitigation

While a layer of gravel and stones can help keep the pavers in place, they will not stop weeds from growing up through them and then between the pavers. Once you have the aggregate foundation in place and tamped down, put down a landscaping cloth. This cloth will prevent any growth so you won't have to worry about weeds or grass showing up between the pavers or even breaking through them.


There will be some space between the pavers and also some between the pavers and the edges of the patio. These spaces can allow the pavers to shift around as people walk on them or just from normal settling. A good way to prevent this is to pack sand in any of the spaces. You may even want to wet the sand, tamp it tight, and then add more sand. The more you pack in, the more stable the patio will be.

Patio paver installation can be done as a project for your family, or you can hire professionals to do the job. Knowing the above tips can be handy when searching for a company to do the work. Ask about their installation process. If it does not include the above tips, you should look for a different company. Keep looking until you are sure the company will do the best job and the result will be a great-looking patio that lasts for many years.

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