The Benefits of Asphalt Overlay for Your Commercial Parking Lot or Pavement

The Benefits of Asphalt Overlay for Your Commercial Parking Lot or Pavement

The Benefits of Asphalt Overlay for Your Commercial Parking Lot or Pavement

24 August 2022
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Do you have a commercial parking lot or other asphalt pavement on your property that has seen better days? If things are looking less than great, it might be time to contact a local asphalt paving expert to discuss the asphalt overlay. Here's what asphalt overlay is and why it might be the right choice for your property.

Fix Your Asphalt Pavement Without Tearing Up the Existing Layer

An asphalt overlay gets its name from the fact that fresh asphalt is put down on top of the asphalt that is already there. In other words, the contractors will not tear up the existing asphalt before putting new asphalt down. Going this route instead of a full replacement is a great way to restore the look and safety of your parking lot at a fraction of the cost of a full replacement. If your base asphalt has some large cracks, the contractors may need to do additional work through asphalt milling in order to prepare the base for the overlay, but the focus will be on putting the new layer down instead of spending too much time or money worrying about the layer underneath.

Asphalt Overlay Can Be Completed Faster Than a Full Replacement

If you have an expansive parking lot or other asphalt pavement on your commercial property, you likely don't want the lot or pavement to become inaccessible for any significant period of time. Going with a full replacement that requires the existing asphalt to be torn up and removed can add considerable time to the project. But if you are going to leave the existing asphalt in place and simply overlay new asphalt on top of it, the project will only take as long as it takes for the new asphalt layer to solidify and settle into place. A commercial business might be able to take care of this during non-business hours so as not to disrupt customers or clients who are showing up to purchase goods or partner with you.

Asphalt Overlay Will Restore a Professional Look to Your Parking Lot or Pavement

Getting an asphalt overlay on a regular basis is generally a good idea even if your current asphalt is not falling apart just yet. A new layer will restore a professional look to your property by removing any developing cracks from sight. A fresh layer will also ensure that those cracks don't expand and lead to future problems.

To learn more about asphalt paving, contact a paving contractor in your area.

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