Why Should You Consider Sealing Your Asphalt Surfaces Before Winter?

Why Should You Consider Sealing Your Asphalt Surfaces Before Winter?

Why Should You Consider Sealing Your Asphalt Surfaces Before Winter?

21 October 2022
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How well are the asphalt surfaces on your commercial property prepared for the winter? As the temperatures begin to fall and winter approaches, now is the time to start thinking about sealcoating your asphalt surfaces. Sealcoating may help your asphalt endure longer and preserve it from the elements. It requires applying a sealant to the asphalt's surface, which is often made of coal tar or asphalt. You should consider sealing your asphalt surfaces before winter for several reasons.

1. Avoid Moisture Damage

One of the main reasons to sealcoat your asphalt surfaces before winter is to prevent ice and snow damage. Due to ice and snow, your asphalt may develop cracks and potholes, which can be costly to repair. The barrier formed by sealcoating between your asphalt and the snow and ice helps to protect it.

2. Maintain Good traction

An improved grip is another incentive to sealcoat your asphalt surfaces before winter. When a sealcoat is placed on the surface of the asphalt, it fills up any cracks or pores. It creates a smoother surface for the tires to grip. This is especially crucial in snowy and icy environments since it can help prevent accidents.

3. Guard Against Salt Damage

If you reside in a region where salt is applied to the roads during the winter, you know that salt may harm asphalt. The barrier that sealcoating produces between your asphalt and the salt helps safeguard it from harm. Salt may corrode asphalt over time, causing it to collapse and crack. You may increase the lifespan of your asphalt by sealing it before winter.

4. Avoid Surface Staining

Because asphalt is a porous substance, it may soak up spilled liquids like oil. These stains can be challenging to remove and make your pavement unpleasant. By putting up a barrier against absorption, sealcoating aids in stain resistance.

5. Maintain Proper Visibility

Sealcoating also increases the visibility of your asphalt surfaces, which is vital for both safety and aesthetics. A fresh layer of sealant will highlight any cracks or defects, making them easier to fix. In terms of aesthetics, well-maintained asphalt just looks better!

As winter approaches, it's time to start thinking about safeguarding your property's asphalt surface. Long-term cost reductions are given, as is safe mobility in ice situations. Don't put it off until it's too late. Contact sealcoating services today to get started on sealcoating your property before winter arrives.

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