How To Choose The Right Retaining Wall Pavers For Your Landscaping

How To Choose The Right Retaining Wall Pavers For Your Landscaping

How To Choose The Right Retaining Wall Pavers For Your Landscaping

15 December 2022
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Retaining wall pavers are an attractive and functional addition to any landscaping project. They can help prevent soil erosion, create more usable space in your yard, and add a touch of visual interest to your outdoor space. But with so many different types of retaining wall pavers available, how do you choose the right ones for your project? Each landscaping project is different, and your own personal tastes and desires are going to vary as well, so here are a few general rules and tips that you should follow to ensure you get the retaining wall pavers that you want and need.

Is Your Retaining Wall Purely For Aesthetics, Or Is It Functional?

The first thing that you need to decide is whether or not your retaining walls will actually have a functional use or if they are just there to separate different areas of your yard and look good. No retaining wall is better or worse than another, and making it functional does not make it a more valid option, it just means you have to get different types of retaining wall pavers. The best way to make this choice is to first discuss it with a professional who knows whether or not you will use it for construction purposes or for the aesthetic qualities the pavers possess. 

Take Your Landscaping Design Language Into Account

Once you've determined the purpose and load-bearing capacity of your retaining wall, it's time to think about how the pavers will fit into your overall landscaping design. Consider the colors, textures, and sizes of the pavers and how they will complement the other elements in your yard. You may also want to consider the shape of the pavers – for example, rectangular pavers may provide a more modern look, while rounded or cobblestone-style pavers may give a more traditional feel.

Choose Materials That Can Survive Your Climate

Different types of pavers are better suited to different climates. For example, concrete pavers are a popular choice because they are durable and relatively inexpensive, but they can be prone to cracking in extreme cold or heat. If you live in a climate with extreme temperatures, you may want to consider using pavers made of natural stone, which are less likely to be damaged by temperature fluctuations. This will be of less concern if the retaining wall pavers are purely there for decorative purposes, but it is still something that you should consider. 

For more information about retaining wall pavers, reach out to a local service. 

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