Protecting Your Asphalt With A Sealcoat

Protecting Your Asphalt With A Sealcoat

Protecting Your Asphalt With A Sealcoat

13 February 2023
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Asphalt's rich black color and durability make it a popular paving option. Maximizing the asphalt's lifespan requires applying a sealcoat every few years.

What Does Sealcoating Your Asphalt Do To Benefit It?

Moisture damage can be a leading cause of asphalt repairs. When moisture gets into the asphalt, it can apply pressure to the interior, and it can cause the asphalt to become brittle. These two factors can lead to the asphalt developing deep cracks. Sealcoating can minimize these issues by preventing moisture from getting into the asphalt. Some sealcoats may also protect against degrading and color fading from solar bleaching. Solar bleaching is one problem homeowners may need to consider with their asphalt pavement. It can drastically alter the look of the pavement after years of exposure to the sun's ultraviolet light.

What Care Do Sealcoats Require From The Homeowner?

Sealcoats effectively protect your pavement from the elements, but they will require some basic care. Rinsing the surface of the asphalt can remove chemicals that could degrade this protection over time. Additionally, leaves or branches that fall on the pavement need clearing. The moisture that these materials may retain could cause the sealcoat to degrade at a much faster rate. While these steps can protect the sealcoat from common hazards, this protective layer will still need to be reapplied every few years.

Does The Time Of Year Impact The Sealcoating Process?

When scheduling the sealcoating work, know that the time of the year can substantially impact this project. In particular, it is best to schedule the sealcoating work for a time that is relatively dry. Rain and other precipitation can slow the drying process for the sealcoat. If the rain is particularly heavy, it could wash away the sealcoat before it dries. Generally, you need at least a few days of dry weather for this coating to cure.

Does The Asphalt Need Any Preparation Work Before Applying The Sealcoat?

Failing to prepare the pavement can reduce the effectiveness of the sealcoat. This preparation will require patching any cracks, potholes, or other surface damage. Otherwise, these openings will create weak spots and gaps in the sealcoating. In addition to fixing any apparent surface damage, the asphalt also needs a thorough cleaning. Any substances that are on the asphalt pavement could interfere with the sealcoat. This work includes vehicle fluids as well as dust and small rocks. Most sealcoating contractors use pressure washers and specialized scrubbing systems to clean these surfaces.

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