Asphalt Paving Repair Services: 4 Types Of Asphalt Cracking And Suitable Repair Solutions

Asphalt Paving Repair Services: 4 Types Of Asphalt Cracking And Suitable Repair Solutions

Asphalt Paving Repair Services: 4 Types Of Asphalt Cracking And Suitable Repair Solutions

29 March 2023
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Parking lots, walkways, and roadways are all areas that may benefit from asphalt paving repair services. Asphalt surfaces need to be adequately maintained as they can quickly deteriorate and crack with regular use and exposure to extreme weather conditions. The surfaces can be prone to cracking, ranging from hairline fractures to large cracks or potholes. Fortunately, you can restore asphalt using methods such as filling, sealing, resurfacing, and repaving. Here are the four types of asphalt cracking and suitable repair solutions:

Alligator Cracks 

Alligator cracks, fatigue, or spider web cracking form due to heavy traffic and stress on the road. The cracks appear at the top and bottom of the asphalt surface, forming interconnecting patterns resembling an alligator's skin. When the cracks are not filled and sealed correctly, water can seep in and cause further deterioration. To repair the cracks, a professional can fill and seal them with a hot mix of asphalt patches. They can also use a specialized sealer to fill large cracks, preventing further damage.

Edge Cracks

Edges cracks occur along the pavement's perimeter due to minimal edge support, improper drainage, or poor construction. The crack size can range from small to large, and the repair solution may vary depending on the severity. A professional can use an asphalt sealant or patch filler for smaller cracks. The professional can use a cold mix of asphalt to fill larger cracks and create a safe surface. After the repair, it's important to strengthen the edges through proper drainage and stabilization.

Linear Cracks

Linear cracks occur due to the weak points where two asphalt mats meet. The cracks can also form due to excessive weight on the pavement and poor compaction of the base layers. The professional may use cold mix asphalt if the cracks are deep and wide. They can also use crack filler for shallower linear cracks. You can also use cement, sand, and stone to fill the cracks for a longer-lasting result.

Block Cracks

Block cracking forms due to weathering and drying of the asphalt material. The cracks form square or rectangular blocks, which can compromise the strength and stability of the surface if left untreated. Repairing block cracking can be daunting as it requires extensive repairs. The professional can use a hot mix of asphalt to fill the cracks, followed by a sealant for extra protection. After the repair, the professional may repave the entire surface for a consistent and improved finish.

Over time asphalt can crack and deteriorate due to exposure to extreme weather and heavy traffic. The cracks can range from small to large, compromising the surface's integrity. They can also limit the lifespan of your asphalt surface. A professional asphalt paving company can assess the damage and use the right repair solution to restore your pavement. Contact a reliable asphalt paving professional today to get your repair project started. 

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