Hire A Paving Contractor And Avoid Amateur Mistakes

Hire A Paving Contractor And Avoid Amateur Mistakes

Hire A Paving Contractor And Avoid Amateur Mistakes

12 April 2023
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You should hire an asphalt paving contractor to pave your commercial parking lot. Easily made and costly mistakes happen when asphalt parking lots get installed by amateurs. This article will provide examples of these mistakes and explain why asphalt contractors should be the only ones paving your parking lot. 

Common Asphalt Paving Mistakes

While there are many ways to make mistakes when paving a driveway without the proper experience, some of the most common include: 

  • Not preparing the surface correctly

  • Not sloping the surface properly

  • Neglecting to install adequate drainage

  • Not compacting the asphalt correctly

  • Not using the right mix for the job

  • Not sealing the asphalt correctly

Advantages of Using Asphalt Contractors

Hiring a paving contractor for your commercial parking lot can benefit you greatly. A few examples of these benefits include: 

Professionals save time - As a business owner, time will always be a concern. Repairing amateur damage along the way is a waste of time. That is especially true when a paving contractor can come out and complete the job quickly. 

Professionals save money - Each problem created during amateur parking lot paving costs money. You may pay for additional materials, more time, and unforeseen circumstances. A contractor does the job right in one shot, and this means you save money. 

Professionals adhere to ADA guidelines - Commercial parking lots must meet ADA guidelines. That includes designing and paving wheelchair ramps to ensure your company adheres to the legal guidelines. 

Professionals deliver quality results - You never know what you'll get with amateur parking lot asphalt paving. However, when you hire a paving contractor, you know you'll get what you want. They'll use the right mix for the job and implement proper sloping and drainage.

Professionals lower your liability - If your parking lot doesn't adhere to legal regulations and isn't a safe surface, you can be liable for any accidents. Someone can trip and get hurt, or cars can get damaged. A professional asphalt contractor prevents these things by paving a safe parking lot that meets and exceeds legal requirements. 


Knowing what you now know about ways a paving contractor helps you save time, money, and hassle may help you see why you should hire one to pave your parking lot. You'll know what to expect and have a reliable parking lot for years. The property will also look good, which can be important to customers.

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