Asphalt Paving Damage: Signs Business Owners Should Watch For

Asphalt Paving Damage: Signs Business Owners Should Watch For

Asphalt Paving Damage: Signs Business Owners Should Watch For

28 April 2023
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Your commercial property likely sees a lot of traffic from customers, employees, and suppliers. That traffic can lead to a lot of wear and tear on your asphalt paving. Unfortunately, many business owners are unaware of the signs of paving damage, so they overlook the early indications that repairs are necessary, addressing the problem only after costly and more extensive damage appears. Here's a look at some of the early indications that you should call a commercial paving contractor for help.

Pooling Water

When you notice excess water pooling in any specific area of the parking lot, that's an indication that the asphalt is sagging there. Water flows to the lowest point, so water collecting anywhere on your paved area indicates that the structural support beneath may be eroding. You'll want to talk with a paving contractor about restoring the foundation and repaving the space.


Cracks are one of the most common signs of damage with asphalt paving. There are many different types of cracks to consider, and the way that you need to respond can vary. If you have shallow surface cracking, your asphalt paving contractor can sometimes seal those cracks and treat your parking lot with a sealcoating that refreshes the surface finish.

Spider cracking and larger, open cracks indicate further damage to the pavement. This often means that the paving has shrunk, shifted, or settled and needs to be repaired. You might be able to fill the cracks, but many times your paving contractor will recommend replacement to ensure the structural integrity of the parking area.


When surface cracks in paving are ignored, water can seep through those cracks and erode the soil and foundation beneath. This causes the pavement to sink and ultimately leads to potholes where the pavement falls away completely because there is no structure beneath it for support. When you experience potholes in your pavement, you need to call a contractor right away. 

Potholes are a safety hazard both for vehicles and for those walking across your parking lot. A customer who trips and falls because of a pothole may hold your business responsible. Your local paving contractor can fix the problem for you to keep your parking area safe.

The more you understand the signs of damage to your paving, the easier it is to recognize when you need to seek repairs. 

For more info about commercial paving, contact a local company. 

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