Asphalt Pavement Life Extension Tips

Asphalt Pavement Life Extension Tips

Asphalt Pavement Life Extension Tips

10 May 2023
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Residential asphalt is prone to stains and cracks. The following tips will help you preserve the condition of the asphalt that is installed on your property. 

Stain Treatments

Get into the habit of sweeping off the asphalt surface on a routine basis. This process will eliminate wet leaves, twigs, and other debris that could stain the asphalt. Use a water hose to rinse off the asphalt.

Purchase an asphalt cleaning product that is designed to remove oil and other substances from the asphalt. If you have a garage, park your car inside of it. This simple practice will prevent liquid stains that are from oil or transmission fluid.

Drainage Improvements

Sloped land, compacted soil, and the lack of a drainage system could lead to pooling water on the asphalt. Pooling water can cause the pavement to become weak. A paving contractor can inspect your property and recommend the installation of drainage materials.

During an inspection, the contractor will assess the condition of the asphalt. They may recommend that you have the asphalt sealed. If you hire the contractor to perform the drainage upgrades too, they will conduct each modification to your property back to back.

First, they may need to excavate the land where drainage materials are being installed. Drainage materials will be installed underground. After the drainage materials are installed and covered, the contractor will apply a waterproof sealant to the asphalt.

Weed Prevention

Weed growth that occurs near the driveway could lead to problems in the future. The removal of weeds will prevent overgrowth that could damage parts of the asphalt. Some weeds have strong root systems that could lead to cracks forming in the asphalt.

When you take notice of weeds, treat them. An herbicide can be sprayed directly on the weeds. After the weeds have been killed, remove them by hand. If you do not wish to use an herbicide to treat the weeds, invest in a pair of weed pullers. Weed pullers are gardening tools that can be used to effectively remove weeds at the roots. Once you have removed all of the weeds, dispose of them with your household waste.

Annual Inspections

Annual inspections will identify issues that you may not take note of on your own. An asphalt contractor should be hired to professionally inspect the asphalt. Since most damage to asphalt tends to occur when the weather is inclement, schedule each inspection during the spring. 

To learn more, contact asphalt services today. 

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