4 Benefits Of Using Asphalt To Pave Your Driveway

4 Benefits Of Using Asphalt To Pave Your Driveway

4 Benefits Of Using Asphalt To Pave Your Driveway

6 July 2022
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You may have a beautiful house, but unfortunately, if the driveway to your house appears old and rugged, your home will look less appealing. Generally, if you plan to pave your driveway, asphalt and concrete are the top two most popular options to consider. However, it is crucial to weigh your options before selecting your preferred option, and many homeowners prefer asphalt because of its flexibility and durability.

Furthermore, asphalt driveways are more economical and faster to construct, providing numerous advantages. Here are four reasons you should consider asphalt over concrete when paving your driveway:

It's Easier to Make Repairs to Your Driveway

Unlike concrete, it's much easier to repair an asphalt driveway because if your driveway needs fixing, you'll only need to repave the top section instead of constructing it afresh. This is because the middle and base layers of the asphalt driveway are permanent. Additionally, with proper care and maintenance, you can expect your asphalt driveway to last for more than a decade. On the other hand, the main concern with a concrete driveway is that when it has a lot of cracks, you may need to replace it entirely.

Asphalt Is Less Costly Than Concrete

One of the main advantages of using asphalt over concrete is that the overall construction cost is significantly lower. So, as you plan for your project, you can expect to receive lower quotes from professionals, making the project possible even if you have a lower budget. In addition to the initial cost, it's less costly to maintain asphalt over time, continuing to save you money in the long run.

Asphalt Pavements Have an Inviting Appearance

Concrete driveways are constructed out of cement and may give your home's exterior an industrial look. This is unlike asphalt pavements, which have a more inviting appearance. In addition, asphalt provides a variety of colors to choose from as well as plenty of specialized finishes you can consider. Moreover, you can request that your contractor include mineral aggregate to improve your driveway's slip resistance.

Adaptable to Different Weather Conditions

Unlike concrete, asphalt can adapt to different weather conditions. This is because it's capable of flexing, while concrete is more likely to break. Treating concrete in cold weather can also be difficult without causing significant damage. Nonetheless, asphalt's flexibility is why it is highly recommended for areas that experience extreme heat or snow.

When constructing a driveway for your home, you may be split between using asphalt or concrete. If this is the case, this guide should help you understand why asphalt is a better option.

For more information, contact an asphalt paving service in your area.

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